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9+1 reasons to enjoy holidays on Spetses

Holidays on Spetses: a unique travel experience worth enjoying. There is no limit to what this island has to offer visitors: magnificent sights, a cosmopolitan atmosphere, mansions boasting unique architecture, cobbled streets and beaches with crystal-clear water. What are the reasons worth visiting Spetses? Read on below!

Enjoy your holidays on Spetses because…

1. It’s a stone’s throw away from Piraeus!

This cosmopolitan destination in the Argo-Saronic gulf is just 2 hours away from Piraeus! This makes it an ideal destination for one-day or longer excursions.

2. It has a new, modern port!

Spetses has two ports, an old one and a new, state-of-the-art port called Dapia. It features small and large piers that can serve from the smallest pleasure craft and sailing boats to the largest tourist ships with no restrictions due to weather conditions. The new SPEEDCAT 1 of Alpha Lines docks at the new Dapia port!

3. You won’t need a car…

Enjoy your holiday on Spetses with no need for a car. Dapia, the centre of the city of Spetses, offers everything you will need during your stay on the island. Discover the cafés and tavernas around the square and explore the pathways leading to the southern beaches.

4. …but you can enjoy a carriage ride!

A carriage ride is a must-do on the island of Spetses. There are countless carriages around the island waiting to take you on a romantic ride along its alleys.

5. Breathtaking architecture

One of the reasons worth enjoying your holidays on Spetses is the architecture of the island, which has remained unchanged over time. The island’s timeless, imposing mansions and its alleyways made of artful mosaics using round colourful pebbles will enchant you.

6. Unique, romantic sunsets.

If you love watching sunsets, Spetses is the ideal destination for romantic moments. Enjoy the sunset from the old port and take a photograph or selfie to remember your visit forever.

7. The renowned Armata celebration takes place in September

διακοπές στις σπέτσες

One of the main reasons to visit Spetses in September is the Armata celebration. This is an impressive re-enactment of the Battle of Spetses, featuring the burning of the Ottoman flagship and many fireworks. It takes place during the second weekend of September.

8. The crystal-clear, blue water of Spetses’ beaches

You can’t enjoy a holiday on Spetses without a dip into the sea! The most noteworthy beaches are Agia Marina and Kounoupitsa near Dapia. We also recommend visiting the beach of Agioi Anargyroi, featuring the renowned, sandy Bekiris Cave. You can also visit the beach of Agios Mamas, which is accessible to people with disabilities.

9. You’re a bon viveur!

Food, drinks or night-time entertainment? Spetses has it all! Start your day on the island with a traditional brunch featuring Greek flavours! For lunch, enjoy swordfish a la Spetsiota and other seafood by the sea, before drinks at the old part at night-time. Before leaving the island, treat yourself to a box of Spetses amygdalota (almond cookies).

+1. Holidays on Spetses are an opportunity to learn about Greek history!

Spetses is home to some of the most emblematic sights in the Argo-Saronic Gulf and all of Greece such as: the Bouboulina Museum, the Spetses Museum, the Mansion of Chatzigiannis Mexis, the Anargyreios Korgialeneios School, the Monastery of Agioi Pantes (All Saints) and the Spetses Lighthouse with the Church of Panagia of Armata.

Enjoy a stand-out holiday on Spetses!

Are you looking for a unique, picturesque destination that is near Attica and offers everything? Spetses is the top choice for countless aristocratic, cosmopolitan holidays from Easter until autumn. Lying a short distance of just two hours from Piraeus on Alpha Lines’ SPEEDCAT 1, Spetses is the ideal choice even for a short, two-day stay. Book your tickets today at and prepare to be dazzled by the island’s beauty.


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