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Poros: Its 10+1 top sights

Poros, the ‘enchantress’ of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, is full of sights worth seeing. This island boasts a rich history that is fully reflected in every alleyway. Exploring its cobbled streets, you will discover beautiful neoclassical houses, well-groomed balconies full of flowers and small shops of every kind. Its sights are spread throughout the town, ready to be discovered during your walk. Here are the top ones!

The top sights on Poros

1. The historical clock tower of Poros

The clock tower, the island’s icon, is easily accessible from the port. It is located on the tallest point on the island and boasts a unique view of the port, the beaches on the other wise and the Lemonodasos (Lemon Forest). It is the ideal spot to enjoy the sunset on the island!

2. Bourtzi, the landmark island

Bourtzi lies at the eastern entrance of the port. A small fortress was built on it in 1827 to defend the port.

3. The Archaeological Museum

The museum is located on Koryzi Square and its unique exhibits date from the Mycenaean to the Roman Era.

4. Poros Naval Base

Also known as the Russian naval base, it was built by the Russians on the island in 1834 in order to re-supply their ships. In fact, it was the first naval base built in Greece.

5. The metropolitan church of Agios Georgios (Saint George)

Located in the centre of the upper town, it is worth visiting to view the murals and icons crafted by top Greek painter Konstantinos Parthenis.

6. The old Poros windmill

The island’s old emblematic windmill lies atop Sfairia hill, overlooking the city.

7. Ancient Troezen, one of the top sights in the Poros region

If you are in the Poros region and have a car, it’s worth visiting Ancient Troezen, the homeland of the mythological hero Theseus. The vaulted Royal Tombs of Magoula, an important example of the Mycenaean Civilisation, can be seen on the road to Ancient Troezen.

8. The monastery of Zoodochos Pigi (Life-giving Font)

Built in the 18th century on a verdant slope facing the sea, this monastery will win you over thanks to the simplicity of its island architecture and the enchanting nature surrounding it.

9. The Lemon Forest of Galatas

This excursion is a dream-like escape from Poros, just 10 minutes away by boat. It is an enchanting forest of lemon trees that bloom in spring and fill the landscape with their sweet aroma.

10. The ‘Seashells and the Sea’ exhibition

This exhibition is permanently on display on the ground floor of Chatzopoulios public library and features geological, volcanic and archaeological exhibits from the South Aegean. This unique exhibition was curated by the Department of Historical Geology and Palaeontology of the University of Athens.

+1.  The neoclassical buildings of Poros

The sights of Poros include the beautiful neoclassical houses with tiled roofs, long windows and masterful architecture. One of the most impressive is the landmark neoclassical monument of the renowned architect Ernst Ziller, which houses the meeting room of the Municipality of Poros.

Enjoy Poros and its sights!

Are you looking for a beautiful, verdant island destination for a peaceful holiday near Athens? Poros, just an hour away from the port of Piraeus on SPEEDCAT 1, is the choice for you! Despite its small size, Poros boasts unique sights, beaches and the countless choices for food, coffee and entertainment found on every island. Book your tickets today at and discover this timeless destination.


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