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Hydra: Its top 10 sights

Hydra, the ‘lady’ of the Argo-Saronic Gulf, always awaits visitors to discover its history, aesthetics, architecture and sights. This grand yet small island, which made a decisive contribution to the success of the Greek Revolution of 1821, became an all-time classic destination for the international jet set, and continues to enchant visitors thanks to its picturesque nooks, beautiful cobbled streets and flower-adorned houses.

The unique island of Hydra and its sights attracted internationally renowned painters such as Pablo Picasso and Marc Chagall, who immortalised its alleys and landscapes in their works. The renowned musician, poet and author Leonard Cohen was another ‘casualty’ of its beauty, considering Hydra as the ideal muse for his work. Many great Greek artists and writers lived on and were inspired by Hydra, such as Nobel Prize winner Georgios Seferis, the Hydran painter Ghikas and the poet Miltos Sachtouris.

The top sights on Hydra

Architecture is an integral part of Hydra’s charm. It is no accident that most points of interest on the island are house in old, renovated mansions. The top sights on the island include:

1. The School of Fine Arts on Hydra

This is a branch of the School of Fine Arts housed at the manor of Emmanouil Tompazis and Xanthi Sachini since 1936.

2. The Bastions and cannons

The bastions can be found to the left and right of the port, where they were built to protect the hamlet of Hydra. Don’t forget to walk high up and enjoy the idyllic view of the island.

3. The Historical Archive – Museum of Hydra

Housed in a building erected at the expense of Hydran shipowner Gikas N. Koulouras, the museum is open on a daily basis, displays important relics and archival materials, and features a library with invaluable tomes.

4. The church of Koimisi tis Theotokou (Dormition of the Virgin Mary)

This is a 17th-century building. It is located in the centre of the port and stands out for the large clock on its tall belfry. It also houses the Ecclesiastical and Byzantine Museum of the island.

5. The Museum of Post-Byzantine Art and History

The emblematic manor of the Kountouriotis family houses exhibits from the recent and modern history of Hydra.

6. The ‘Melina Mercouri’ Art and Concert Hall of the Municipality of Hydra

The hall, named after the most renowned Minister of Culture of modern Greece, houses works by important artists from across the world around the year.

7. Zourvas Lighthouse

This is one of the most emblematic landmarks in Greece. Built in 1883, it was destroyed by the Germans during World War II. It was rebuilt in 1946 and automated in 1989.

8. The Merchant Marine Academy, one of the most renowned sights on Hydra

The school enjoys a long history that is integrally linked with Greek shipping itself. The building it is housed in was erected at the expense of Hydran shipowners and members of the Tsamados family.

9. The historic house of Lazaros Kountouriotis

A traditional example of traditional Hydran architecture, this manor was built in the late 18th century, during the economic boom of Hydra. Important deliberations on matters concerning the Revolution of 1821 took place in this manor. Today it serves as an annex of the National Historical Museum.

10. The renowned alleyways of Hydra.

The island of Hydra is a sight to see in itself! Enjoy your walk among manors full of flowery courtyards and small squares, picturesque tavernas, and enjoy memories that will last a lifetime.

Enjoy Hydra and its sights!

Are you looking for a unique, picturesque destination for a getaway you will never forget? Hydra, with its timeless, cosmopolitan beauty promises moments of quality relaxation, romantic walks, historical tours of its sights and excursions into its landscape. Lying a short distance of just an hour and a half from Piraeus on Alpha Lines’ SPEEDCAT 1, Hydra is the ideal choice even for a single-day excursion. Book your tickets today at and prepare to be enchanted by the island.


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